Health is not only costly for employees but costlier for employers. Chronic diseases accounts for more than 75 per cent of the total healthcare cost of your employees.

For this reason employers are taking employee-based Corporate wellness program more seriously. At Akampita we offer preventable employee-based program that change the attitude and behavior of employees, improve his or her effectiveness and ultimately the productivity.

There are several basic reason why as an employer you should implement corporate wellness program in your enterprise:

  • You are expecting longer hours of work from your employees at the office or after office hours.
  • You are expecting your employees to be multi-tasking.
  • Your employees are spending more time and vital energy at work than with their family at home.
  • Your healthcare cost and contribution for your employees are rising at an increasing rate every year.
  • The rate of absenteeism in your enterprise relating to chronic diseases is getting higher and higher.